LEADER PRONTO MODA (Read the testimonials)

Jeans is a leader of excellence with a thousand trends, luxury or sport. Worn for generations is now an evergreen that nobody can do one less.

Our company

Leading fashion born in 1998 thanks to the passion for new trends and fashion news. In fact our young team is always looking for new ideas and fashion lines with which to enrich the collections. The jeans we offer are imported, instead the pants are produced in Italy, more precisely in Prato.
Our production is focused on big sizes.
We offer the possibility to work with the Private Label and / or Samples.
Customers can easily contact us via whatsapp, e-mail or by calling our number. 

Our products

Trousers and jeans are produced with high quality fabrics, details are taken care of in every detail, tears, patches, embroidery, frayed or irregular edges accompanied by a comfortable fit. 


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    59100 Prato
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Some testimonials from our customers

Un poco descontenta con este proveedor, hice mi primer pedido, no lo enviaban y tuve que reclamar a paypal. Les escribo mensajes para pedir ayuda sobre los productos y no contestan al mensaje. Aun con el descontento, quiero provar algún jean más, pero como no atienden al cliente. Me tendré que buscar a otro proveedor.